How to make Google Cardboard

How to make Google Cardboard

How to make Google Cardboard VR kit

What is Google Cardboard?

Google Cardboard is a easy tools to make everyone having a experience of virtual reality (VR) in a simple, fun, and inexpensive way. Basicly, It is a cheap Virtual Reality headset made out of cardboard. THis headset is mounted with a smartphone and the right apps provides 3D experience.


Can I use Iphone 6 for the Google Cardboard?

YES.  Google cardboard was made for the android smartphone. However, it still works with the iphone if you get the correct apps. Recently, lots of iOS apps that support Google cardboard and work pretty well, such asDurovis Dive.

Here are some 3D apps can be used on iphone 6, you can find more apps for you iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus and have a fun.

  1. Volvo Reality –  mountain and forest view.
  2. Dive City Coaster
  3. Dive City Rollercoaster
  4. Dive Zombie
  5. The Heights

How to get Google Cardboard?

You can  build your own Google Cardboard or buy one from a manufacturer because it is open source and ready for everyone to start building Google Cardboard.

Google is so nice to provide the free production templates for producing Cardboard. you can cut it by any equipment you can find such as a scissor.

Here you can download the template for Google Cardboard Kit

I had tried to make the Google Cardboard by myself. However, it is not easy for us to find a suitable cardboard to used as the template and a laser cutter to get a nice cutting. After a time-consumming work, I just get some ugly useless cardboard.

In fact, Buy a Google Cardboard is your best choice!

Finally, I find some ‘unofficial’ Google Cardboard VR kits sold for less than 20 bucks. All I have to do is just folding and assembling.

1. High Quality Google Cardboard 45mm Focal Length with Magnets and Printed Instructions

It is a very cool google cardboard VR kit for me. You can get  a complet and pre-bulit kit and assemble it for minutes.

It has Biconvex lenses 25mm in diameter and Focal length 45mm inside.

A assebmling Instructions printed on the cardboard itself is Easy to Follow for Android and iPhones.  

Find more reviews on Amazon. 

 2. Plastic Version of Google Cardboard Head Mount

This cool product is a Plastic Version of Google Cardboard Head Mount. It gives you wonderful Real 3D Experience. A 6.0 IN phone can be easily installed on it.

That are lots of cardboards options available on the Amazon for you to buy. With many research, I finally choosed this one. It’s amazing.

Get more information about it on amazon.